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New York State Lake Effect Snow Totals

Parts of Western and Central New York were buried by as much as 2-3 feet of
lake effect snow from January 20 through January 24, 2013.
Below are reports of total snow accumulation during that period.
Information from the Buffalo, NY NWS website was used.

   RUSHFORD               7.6   700 AM  1/24  
   WEST ALMOND            6.6   700 AM  1/24  
   ALFRED                 2.9   700 AM  1/24  
   WHITESVILLE            1.5   700 AM  1/24  

   PERRYSBURG            25.0  1100 AM  1/24  
   WEST VALLEY           16.0   700 AM  1/24  
   LITTLE VALLEY         13.5   700 AM  1/24 
   FRANKLINVILLE         11.0  1100 AM  1/24
   RANDOLPH              10.0   700 AM  1/24  
   ALLEGANY               6.8   700 AM  1/24  
   OLEAN                  4.0   700 AM  1/24  

   FAIR HAVEN            36.0   700 AM  1/24 
   STERLING              35.0   700 AM  1/24

   RIPLEY                26.8   700 AM  1/24  
   FORESTVILLE           20.5   700 AM  1/24  
   SINCLAIRVILLE         20.0  1100 AM  1/24
   JAMESTOWN             12.5  1100 AM  1/24  
   KENNEDY               11.1   700 AM  1/24  
   DUNKIRK                8.6   700 AM  1/24  

   COLDEN                18.9  1100 AM  1/24 
   GLENWOOD              17.5   700 AM  1/24 
   BOSTON                15.5   700 AM  1/24  
   COLLINS               15.0   700 AM  1/24
   HOLLAND               14.1   700 AM  1/24  
   HAMBURG               12.2   700 AM  1/24 
   BLASDELL              11.3   700 AM  1/24  
   WALES                 11.0   700 AM  1/24  
   EAST AURORA            6.5   700 AM  1/24  
   ELMA                   5.9   700 AM  1/24   
   WEST SENECA            3.5   700 AM  1/24  
   GRAND ISLAND           3.4  1100 AM  1/24
   WILLIAMSVILLE          2.1  1100 AM  1/24  
   BUFFALO NIAGARA ARPT   2.0  1100 AM  1/24  

   STAFFORD               0.5   700 AM  1/24  

   MANNSVILLE             7.0   700 AM  1/24  
   PIERREPONT MANOR       4.0   700 AM  1/24  
   THERESA                0.3   700 AM  1/24  

   OSCEOLA               19.0   700 AM  1/24  
   HIGHMARKET            10.7   700 AM  1/24  
   CONSTABLEVILLE        8.5    700 AM  1/24  

   DANSVILLE              2.1   700 AM  1/24  

   HAMLIN BEACH          11.0   700 AM  1/24  
   HILTON                 8.0   700 AM  1/24  
   PARMA CENTER           7.0   700 AM  1/24  
   ROCHESTER              4.4  1100 AM  1/24  
   ROCHESTER ARPT         3.6  1100 AM  1/24  
   NORTH CHILI            0.9   700 AM  1/24  

   NEWFANE               12.0   700 AM  1/24  
   BARKER                10.0   700 AM  1/24 
   LOCKPORT               5.1   700 AM  1/24  
   NIAGARA FALLS ARPT     5.0  1100 AM  1/24  
   YOUNGSTOWN             3.1   700 AM  1/24  
   NORTH TONAWANDA        2.8  1100 AM  1/24  
   PENDLETON              2.5   700 AM  1/24  

   LYNDONVILLE           13.0   700 AM  1/24  
   CARLTON               10.0   700 AM  1/24

   FULTON                38.4  1100 AM  1/24 
   PHOENIX               36.8  1100 AM  1/24  
   PALERMO               36.7  1100 AM  1/24 
   BOWEN CORNERS         34.0   700 AM  1/24 
   BENNETTS BRIDGE       33.0   700 AM  1/24 
   PULASKI               30.7   700 AM  1/24 
   MINETTO               26.9   700 AM  1/24  
   LACONA                24.8   700 AM  1/24  
   SANDY CREEK           18.4   700 AM  1/24  
   OSWEGO                17.3   700 AM  1/24  
   MEXICO                14.9  1100 AM  1/24  

   SODUS                 12.0   700 AM  1/24 
   SODUS POINT            8.0   700 AM  1/24 
   WALWORTH               2.7   700 AM  1/24  
   PALMYRA                1.3   700 AM  1/24  

   WARSAW                13.2   700 AM  1/24  
   SILVER SPRINGS         8.5   700 AM  1/24
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