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Historic Storms Slam Northern Plains

April 16, 2013 1 comment

A series of significant spring storm systems have left their mark across parts of the Great Plains States through the first two weeks of April.

This is the time of year when we expect these types of storms, especially severe weather and tornadoes, but this has not been the case. Heavy snow and mid-winter like weather conditions have been the headlines as we close in on the first month of spring.

Let’s start on April 9 when a low pressure system exited the Rockies and moved across the central plains. Incredible amounts of snow fell across western South Dakota and especially in the Black Hills. At the Rapid City Regional Airport, the greatest ever recorded single snowstorm total was observed with 28.2″ falling by April 10. Downtown Rapid City recorded their second greatest total ever measured, although records date back far longer than they do at the airport. My favorite towns in the Black Hills, Deadwood and Lead, came in with 30″ and 26.4″, respectively.

Not to be outdone by their neighbors to the south, North Dakota was in the crosshairs for the next system beginning on the 13th. An incredible amount of all-time records were observed in Bismarck, which go all the way back to 1875. First, a daily record for snowfall on April 14 was set with 17.3″ falling in 24 hours. This also broke the record for snowfall on any single calendar day of the year, besting the 15.5″ that fell on March 3, 1966. Also a new record for snowfall in the month of April, with 21.5″ as of the 15th, has been set breaking the previous record of 18.7″ from 1984.

Winter storm warnings are currently in place across the Rocky Mountains north of Denver, southeast Wyoming, and extending into northwest Nebraska and southwest South Dakota. A blizzard watch has also been issued across the plains of Colorado east of Denver. This storm doesn’t look like it will bring record snowfall like the previous two storms, but totals of 6 to 12 inches are likely for many areas.

To go along with these systems, cold air has been entrenched across the northern plains states since March. Much of the Dakotas and northwest Minnesota have seen temperatures greater than 10 degrees below average for March and midway through the month of April.

Fargo, ND has yet to reach 50 degrees in 2013. The latest date they have ever recorded to reach 50 is April 17. This will surely be broken and could go for at least another 8 to 10 days.

The below average temperatures have created a very serious problem for communities stretching along the Red River, including Fargo. The snowpack has yet to melt over North Dakota and northern Minnesota. Because of this, it looks like a top-five record crest of the Red River is likely in Fargo. When warmer temperatures do arrive, flooding will certainly be a major concern. The snow-water equivalent of the snowpack ranges from 4 to 8 inches for a large portion across these areas. It looks as though a spring flood on the magnitude of the 1997 and 2009 record floods are in store.

Residents here are no strangers to floods, though. In just 7 days, one million sandbags were filled in Fargo. There has been much attention paid to the threat of significant flooding this year, and preparations will be ongoing until it comes.


Catfish And The Manti Te’o Story

January 17, 2013 Leave a comment
I was telling my mother this morning about a show I watch called “Catfish.” It’s a show on MTV that is based off of a documentary about people online pretending to be someone else by posting false information and fake images.
People reach out to the show to help them investigate someone they’ve met online but have never met in real life. It usually ends in tremendous disappointment and sadness but is equally entertaining.
The Manti Te’o story, found here on Deadspin, is very interesting to me because I have just started watching the show “Catfish.” The idea of a pure online relationship to me is totally ridiculous. I don’t understand how people can get so emotionally attached to a person without physically meeting them. Video chatting with someone is believable but this involves communicating only by email, messaging on social media, or phone calls.
If you have someone in your life that you have met online, and every time you try to actually, physically meet up with them they make up an excuse as to why they can not, you are more than likely a “catfish” victim.
To “love” someone you have never met in real life is just beyond my understanding. Almost all of the people featured on the TV show exchange “I love you’s” with their online significant other. Some have even gone as far as what I’m assuming is “cyber sex” or “cybering.” Am I correct using these terms?
It can get really weird really fast.
Manti Te’o was either the victim of someone”catfishing” him or he was involved in the hoax for publicity that coincided with his Heisman campaign.
This all sounds a little “fishy” to me. I am such a dork.
Here’s a link to an article on CNN about the MTV show “Catfish.”

I Don’t Think You Understand

December 18, 2012 4 comments

People who complain about Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media site using their content without consent need to calm down and try to learn a few things.

Do you understand what social media is? It is not about being private or confidential. Just because you’ve taken a picture, uploaded it to the Internet, and hit send does not make it your “protected” material.

Once you publish it online, it’s gone. Whoever finds it and wants to use it can.

What have you done to earn the copyright protection of that cookie you took a picture of? Or that cloud? Because you aimed your phone at an object and took a picture with the camera does not give you possession of the image.

And I bet you created that filter you chose too.

If you want to keep your photos to yourself, don’t post it onto a social networking site that somebody bought for a billion dollars. They paid that so they can use it.

Please, I don’t want to hear about it anymore.

Your photo isn’t that good anyways.

David Stern Fines Spurs $250K

November 30, 2012 Leave a comment

NBA Commissioner David Stern has ridiculously penalized the San Antonio Spurs, fining the organization $250,000, for resting their starting players in a game.

Head coach Greg Popovich sent 4 starters home for a game against the Miami Heat this week. The reason being they had played consecutive road games and he wanted to make sure his players were not overworked.

Stern has clearly overstepped his role in this matter.

A coaching decision should never be subject to penalty. Not to mention that there isn’t even a rule about this so I’m wondering what the commish could have even based this off of.

Commissioners should not have this much power. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was brought to my mind when I heard this.

Goodell oversteps his boundaries whenever he can, whether it be fining or suspending players, and he is the sole decider in these cases.

The problem is that there is no oversight of the commissioner’s office. He can do what he pleases when he wants to, and there doesn’t have to be a rule in place. It can be made up on the spot.

If this is to continue, many players, coaches, teams and organizations will face unfair penalties and sanctions.

NFL Week 12 Predictions And Picks

November 22, 2012 Leave a comment

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!!

I’m thankful for my family and friends foremost, but football is not far behind.

I ended at 9-4 last week, which brings my overall record to 25-14.


Thursday, November 22

  • Houston (-3) @ Detroit; O/U 49 – I think this spread is pretty low. Just because the Texans had a close one with Jacksonville last week doesn’t mean you should stop believing they’re one of the best teams in the NFL.

Pick >> Houston; Under

  • Washington @ Dallas (-3); O/U 48 – The Cowboys are lacking at RB this week, with Fragile Felix being a game-time decision. They may be airing it out all day possibly making them one-dimensional. If the Redskins’ defense can apply some pressure, we may see lots of interceptions thrown by Tony Romo.

Pick >> Washington; Under

  • New England (-7) @ New York [J]; O/U 48.5 – The Patriots are really starting to dominate opponents. I don’t believe the loss of TE Rob Gronkowski will hamper the offense much at all, as their other starting TE Aaron Hernandez is expected to play this week.

Pick >> New England; Over

Sunday, November 25

  • Oakland @ Cincinnati (-8); O/U 49 – I do see the Bengals coming out on top in this matchup, but not by more than 8 points. The Raiders are a hit and miss team, but the same can probably be said about the Bengals. I would like to point out that A.J. Green has scored 10 TDs in the last 9 games, having scored at least one TD in each of those games.

Pick >> Oakland; Under

  • Pittsburgh (-1) @ Cleveland; O/U 34.5 – Charlie Batch is back once again at QB for the Steelers, but will be overshadowed by the return of WR Plaxico Burress. Don’t expect him to catch many balls though. This will be a run-heavy attack for the Steelers, while the Browns are going to try their best to match them with standout rookie RB Trent Richardson.

Pick >> Pittsburgh; Under

  • Buffalo @ Indianapolis (-3); O/U 51 – The Bills are still trying to find their identity on offense, while everyone else already knows they are a running team. The Colts are coming off a pretty good beatdown, so look for them to bounce back this week.

Pick >> Indianapolis; Under

  • Denver (-10.5) @ Kansas City; O/U 44 – Broncos QB Peyton Manning has really turned his team into a legit Super Bowl contender. If rookie RB Ronnie Hillman can produce while Willis McGahee is out with a torn MCL, they shouldn’t lose a step. The Chiefs are still the Chiefs.

Pick >> Denver; Under

  • Tennessee (-3) @ Jacksonville; O/U 44.5 – I see the Jaguars as a potential threat to anyone they play now that QB Chad Henne is the starter. The Titans are too inconsistent on both sides of the ball.

Pick >> Jacksonville; Under

  • Minnesota @ Chicago (Even); O/U NA – Wow, the Bears really need QB Jay Cutler back, quick. If I was Bears head coach Lovie Smith, there would be no smiles from any of my players at any point before this game after a clear no-effort performance in last weeks embarrassing loss.

Pick >> Chicago; O/U NA

  • Atlanta (-1) @ Tampa Bay; O/U 50 – The Buccaneers are a dangerous team. They can pop off points very quickly. Too bad the Falcons can pop off more. This game will hopefully be a blast.

Pick >> Atlanta; Over

  • Seattle (-3) @ Miami; O/U 37.5 – The Dolphins once looked promising, but I can’t see that being the case anymore. The Seahawks’ defensive secondary unit may wind up haunting Dolphins’ rookie QB Ryan Tannehill in his dreams after this game is over.

Pick >> Seattle; Under

  • Baltimore (-1) @ San Diego; O/U 47 – A very interesting matchup in my mind. The Ravens have an amazing 8-2 record while somehow not looking all that impressive. A bright spot for the Chargers, WR Danario Alexander has emerged as a dangerous weapon to opposing defenses.

Pick >> Baltimore; Under

  • San Francisco @ New Orleans (Even); O/U 48.5 – I totally agree with 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh going with Colin Kaepernick. I’m not so sure about starting him in place of Robert Griffin III in my fantasy league though. This decision is going to haunt me.

Pick >> San Francisco; Over

  • St. Louis @ Arizona (-2.5); O/U 37 – Are the Cardinals ever going to return to their beginning of the season form? After coming back earlier than expected from breaking his clavicle this season, Rams’ frequently injured WR Danny Amendola may miss another game.

Pick >> St. Louis; Under

  • Green Bay @ New York [G] (-3); O/U 50.5 – Another good looking Sunday night game. I am completely puzzled by Eli Manning. Perhaps this is the Giants trying to fool their opponents. The Packers have no running game. At all.

Pick >> Green Bay; Under

Monday, November 26

  • Carolina (-2.5) @ Philadelphia; O/U 41 – Too bad Eagles’ rookie QB Nick Foles had a pretty disastrous debut. If he doesn’t improve, Michael Vick may have a rapid recovery from his concussion.

Pick >> Carolina; Under

Player information provided by and point spread, over/under information was obtained from

Week 11 Predictions And Picks

November 18, 2012 Leave a comment

I took a little step back last week but no worries.

My two week record is still a respectable 16-10.

If you need a Survivor Pick I like Tampa Bay and Cincinnati.

Here is a quick rundown of my picks this week:

Sunday, November 18


Philadelphia +3.5

Green Bay -3.5

Atlanta -10

Tampa Bay -1.5

Cleveland +7.5

NY Jets +3

New England -9

Houston -16

Cincinnati -3.5

New Orleans -4.5

San Diego +7.5

Baltimore +3.5


Monday, November 19


Chicago +5.5

  • Points Tiebreaker: 27

The Marlins Continue To Disappoint Fans

November 14, 2012 Leave a comment

After a season that left Miami Marlins fans frustrated, the team is carrying on its tradition of dumping their most notable and talented players.

As if firing manager Ozzie Guillen after just one season wasn’t enough, this trade will certainly give the Marlin’s front office the negative publicity they seem to desire.

In a multi-player trade with the Toronto Blue Jays, the Marlins sent, among others, shortstop Jose Reyes and pitchers Josh Johnson and Mark Buehrle to the Blue Jays. The players they received from Toronto are no greater known than as prospects. A source told ESPN that, “Just about any (Marlins) player making money is going to Toronto.”

With the releases of Reyes, Johnson, Buehrle and other players from their roster, the Marlins have gotten rid of $186 million in salaries they otherwise would have spent this offseason.

To fans and many who follow baseball, this is nothing new for the Marlins organization. They have obviously and hilariously been known for slashing payroll by sending away the most talented players on their roster. Just since July of 2012 they have shipped 12 major leaguers out of town.

If I was a fan, I would be devastated. There is no point to ever buy your favorite Marlins players jersey because clearly, he might not be on the team for more than one season!

At least they built a new stadium for fans this season.

But who is going to play in it? And perhaps more importantly, who will go watch them?