Catfish And The Manti Te’o Story

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I was telling my mother this morning about a show I watch called “Catfish.” It’s a show on MTV that is based off of a documentary about people online pretending to be someone else by posting false information and fake images.
People reach out to the show to help them investigate someone they’ve met online but have never met in real life. It usually ends in tremendous disappointment and sadness but is equally entertaining.
The Manti Te’o story, found here on Deadspin, is very interesting to me because I have just started watching the show “Catfish.” The idea of a pure online relationship to me is totally ridiculous. I don’t understand how people can get so emotionally attached to a person without physically meeting them. Video chatting with someone is believable but this involves communicating only by email, messaging on social media, or phone calls.
If you have someone in your life that you have met online, and every time you try to actually, physically meet up with them they make up an excuse as to why they can not, you are more than likely a “catfish” victim.
To “love” someone you have never met in real life is just beyond my understanding. Almost all of the people featured on the TV show exchange “I love you’s” with their online significant other. Some have even gone as far as what I’m assuming is “cyber sex” or “cybering.” Am I correct using these terms?
It can get really weird really fast.
Manti Te’o was either the victim of someone”catfishing” him or he was involved in the hoax for publicity that coincided with his Heisman campaign.
This all sounds a little “fishy” to me. I am such a dork.
Here’s a link to an article on CNN about the MTV show “Catfish.”

Buffalo, NY Weather Forecast: Thursday, January 17

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A breezy start to the morning followed by falling temperatures during the afternoon is in store for Buffalo and Western New York Thursday, January 17, 2013.

The predawn hours will feature strong west-southwest winds at 20 mph with gusts up to 45 mph. The temperature will be fairly steady around 32°F. Skies will be overcast with scattered flurries.

Wind speeds will decrease by 7am to 10 mph with gusts to 20 mph and will quickly shift to the northwest after a cold front makes its way through the region. The temperature at this time will be 31°F.

After 7am temperatures will begin to fall into the 20’s.

By 12pm Buffalo and Niagara Falls will have a temperature of 25°F. Skies will be mostly cloudy and winds will be from the northwest around 10 mph.

At 5pm our temperature will have fallen to 23°F with considerable clouds and a northwest wind 5-10 mph.

The rest of the evening will feature variable clouds and winds from the northwest at 5-10 mph. The temperature will be 21°F at 10pm.

How Warm Will Buffalo, NY Get This Weekend?

January 11, 2013 1 comment

It’s shaping up to be an extremely mild weekend for Buffalo and the Western New York area.

The high temperatures on both Saturday, January 12, and Sunday, January 13, will surely top 50°F and may even approach 60°F. This is nearly 30°F above the average high for this time of year, but is not unheard of.

There is almost always a winter “thaw” in WNY and this usually occurs sometime in January.

While it is a nice respite for WNYer’s, melting snow and ice can cause ice jams in creeks or streams that lead to localized flooding along their banks. Drains clogged by debris can also back up, partially flooding area streets and sidewalks.

Local ski resorts also take a hit, especially if their base snow depth is below average.

Temperatures will begin to fall Sunday night back towards the freezing mark and should remain there through next week.

There is also a chance for below average temperatures to invade WNY, and the rest of the country, by January 20.

A very cold air mass is expected to drop south into the country from Canada by the end of next week and bring well below average temperatures for much of the continental United States. This period of colder than normal temperatures may persist through the end of January and into February.

Buffalo, NY Weather Forecast: Sunday, January 6 2013

January 5, 2013 1 comment
Sunday, January 6

2am – Light snow showers may bring a dusting of snow to the region before sunrise. A southwest wind of 10 mph will continue through the predawn hours. Temperature of 31°F.

7am – Southwest winds will be increasing to 15 mph with gusts of 25 mph possible. Temperatures will be right around 32°F. Skies will be cloudy with scattered flurries.

12pm – A breezy wind from the southwest around 20 mph at times will persist into the afternoon hours. Temperatures should make it above freezing to 36°F. Overcast skies and isolated flurries or sprinkles are possible.

2pm – A cold front will cross Western New York at this time. There will be a change in wind direction to the west then northwest at 15 mph, falling temperatures, and light snow showers for late afternoon into evening.

5pm – The cold front will have passed through the region by this time. Our temperature will be 30°F with light snow falling. Winds will have veered to the west between 10-15 mph. Minor accumulations of snow up to 1″ are possible, mainly south and east of Buffalo.

10pm – Temperatures will be near 28°F and winds will be from the northwest at 10 mph. There may still be a flurry or light snow shower in the area, especially south of Buffalo. Overnight minimum temperatures will range from 24°F on the lake plain to the upper teens in areas further away from the lakes.

Watch for slick spots on roadways from early evening through overnight.

Low Pressure Bombing Off New England Coast

December 29, 2012 1 comment

A storm system currently centered over Pennsylvania is giving way and transferring it’s energy to a developing low off the Mid-Atlantic coast.

This low-pressure system is going to eventually “bomb out” off the New England coast near the Gulf of Maine this evening. “Bombing out” or “bombogenesis” is a term meteorologists use to describe when a low-pressure system rapidly intensifies.

Sea level pressure may fall as much as 24 millibars in a 12-hour period creating a very tight pressure gradient. This will result in strong winds along the northeast coast from Massachusetts to Maine tonight.

There will also be an area of heavy snow along and inland from the coast. Significant snow will fall  north and east of West Haven, Connecticut to Newport and Providence, Rhode Island, to the south and east of Worcester, Massachusetts to Boston, and along the entire coasts of New Hampshire and Maine. Total accumulations of 6-12 inches are likely in these areas by the time the storm is over.

Some light snow is even expected to fall in the New York City area where a couple of inches may accumulate.

Major Snowstorm For Buffalo To Start Wednesday Evening

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Buffalo and the entire Western New York area are poised to receive their first major snowstorm this winter season.

Snow is likely to start Wednesday, December 26, during the afternoon and continue through Thursday morning, December 27.

Total snowfall accumulations may reach 6 inches or more for the entire area by Thursday morning.

The snow may become heavy Wednesday evening and continue during the night. Winds may also become strong Wednesday night as well, with gusts up to 25 mph. Temperatures will remain between 28°F and 32°F throughout this storm, so this system will not have bitter cold temperatures.

The main problem will be heavy snow Wednesday evening and into the early morning hours on Thursday which will make travel very difficult.

Here are a few plots from the GFS 6-hour precipitation accumulation forecast model for Wednesday at 1pm through 1am Thursday that highlights the significant snow that may fall during that time.

A Winter Storm Watch has been issued by the National Weather Service in Buffalo, NY for the potential of 8-15 inches of snow.

Christmas Weather – Buffalo, NY

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A fresh coating to 2 inches of snow is possible Christmas Eve into Christmas day for all areas of Western New York south of Lake Ontario.

Christmas Eve Forecast – Monday, December 24
  • Early morning temperatures will be near 29°F with intervals of clouds and sun. Winds will be from the south, averaging 6 mph.
  • It will become cloudy during the afternoon with the temperature reaching a high of 34°F. The winds will back into the evening and increase slightly, coming from the east around 10 mph.
  • At dusk the temperature will be 31°F. After 7pm and continuing through the night, light snow will fall and winds will be out of the northeast at 10 mph.
Christmas Forecast – Tuesday, December 25
  • At dawn there will be light snow, a temperature of 30°F, and winds from the north at 9 mph with gusts to 15 mph.
  • The snow should end before noon with accumulations of 1 to 2 inches.
  • We will reach an afternoon high temperature of 32°F with partly sunny skies. Winds will decrease throughout the afternoon to 5 mph, veering to the northeast by 7pm.
  • Temperatures will hold steady around 30°F during the night. Expect considerable clouds and a northeast wind of 6 mph.

*There is a possibility for a significant winter storm to affect all of Western New York beginning Wednesday night, December 26, and continuing through Thursday, December 27.

Stay tuned for details…