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Historic Storms Slam Northern Plains

April 16, 2013 1 comment

A series of significant spring storm systems have left their mark across parts of the Great Plains States through the first two weeks of April.

This is the time of year when we expect these types of storms, especially severe weather and tornadoes, but this has not been the case. Heavy snow and mid-winter like weather conditions have been the headlines as we close in on the first month of spring.

Let’s start on April 9 when a low pressure system exited the Rockies and moved across the central plains. Incredible amounts of snow fell across western South Dakota and especially in the Black Hills. At the Rapid City Regional Airport, the greatest ever recorded single snowstorm total was observed with 28.2″ falling by April 10. Downtown Rapid City recorded their second greatest total ever measured, although records date back far longer than they do at the airport. My favorite towns in the Black Hills, Deadwood and Lead, came in with 30″ and 26.4″, respectively.

Not to be outdone by their neighbors to the south, North Dakota was in the crosshairs for the next system beginning on the 13th. An incredible amount of all-time records were observed in Bismarck, which go all the way back to 1875. First, a daily record for snowfall on April 14 was set with 17.3″ falling in 24 hours. This also broke the record for snowfall on any single calendar day of the year, besting the 15.5″ that fell on March 3, 1966. Also a new record for snowfall in the month of April, with 21.5″ as of the 15th, has been set breaking the previous record of 18.7″ from 1984.

Winter storm warnings are currently in place across the Rocky Mountains north of Denver, southeast Wyoming, and extending into northwest Nebraska and southwest South Dakota. A blizzard watch has also been issued across the plains of Colorado east of Denver. This storm doesn’t look like it will bring record snowfall like the previous two storms, but totals of 6 to 12 inches are likely for many areas.

To go along with these systems, cold air has been entrenched across the northern plains states since March. Much of the Dakotas and northwest Minnesota have seen temperatures greater than 10 degrees below average for March and midway through the month of April.

Fargo, ND has yet to reach 50 degrees in 2013. The latest date they have ever recorded to reach 50 is April 17. This will surely be broken and could go for at least another 8 to 10 days.

The below average temperatures have created a very serious problem for communities stretching along the Red River, including Fargo. The snowpack has yet to melt over North Dakota and northern Minnesota. Because of this, it looks like a top-five record crest of the Red River is likely in Fargo. When warmer temperatures do arrive, flooding will certainly be a major concern. The snow-water equivalent of the snowpack ranges from 4 to 8 inches for a large portion across these areas. It looks as though a spring flood on the magnitude of the 1997 and 2009 record floods are in store.

Residents here are no strangers to floods, though. In just 7 days, one million sandbags were filled in Fargo. There has been much attention paid to the threat of significant flooding this year, and preparations will be ongoing until it comes.


NFL Week 10 Predictions And Picks

November 10, 2012 1 comment

It’s here, Week 10 of the 2012 NFL season.

My Record from Week 9 against the spread: 10-3.

I’m gonna try to keep the momentum going into this week.


Sunday, November 11

  • Buffalo @ New England (-12); O/U 52.5 – This game is gonna come down to how many points the Bills can manage to score in the fourth quarter, when the outcome of the game has already been decided. C.J. Spiller is being hyped, deservedly so, to become the feature back of the Bill’s offense this week. I’ll believe it when I see old man Chan Gailey do it. The Patriots are blooming into their perennial championship form.
Pick >> New England; Over


  • New York [G] (-3.5) @ Cincinnati; O/U 49 – There are rumors that Eli Manning has a tired arm. I’m going to call this piece of information, referencing Bill Simmon’s podcast, The B.S. Report. The Bengals have A.J. Green, and that’s it. The Giants need to bounce back after last week’s poor performance.
Pick >> New York [G]; Under


  • San Diego @ Tampa Bay (-3); O/U 47 – The Buccaneers are the hottest team in the NFL as of right now. The Chargers have not been very impressive at all this season. The muscle hamster Doug Martin hates his nickname. Just because he reminds people of a freakishly strong furry rodent doesn’t mean it’s gonna stick with him for life, but, it will. And I love it.
Pick >> Tampa Bay; Under


  • Denver (-4) @ Carolina; O/U 47 – Peyton Manning is carrying the Broncos as far as he can. Whether or not he will hold them up into the playoffs is yet to be seen, but he will this week. The Panthers are not consistent. They will play down to their level this week. Also, is it just a coincidence that Peyton just secured 21 Papa John’s franchises in the Denver area and the legalization of marijuana for recreational use was passed in Colorado the same week?; or is he a frickin’ genius?
Pick >> Denver; Over


  • Tennessee @ Miami (-6); O/U 44 – Jake Locker returns magically after the Titans got blown out the previous week. Too bad he won’t solve their problems. The Dolphins are similar to the Colts right now; they have a surprisingly good record, a solid defense, and a quickly developing rookie quarterback.
Pick >> Miami; Under


  • Oakland @ Baltimore (-7.5); O/U 47 – This game is going to be a lot closer than people are thinking. I don’t care if RunDMC and Mike Goodson have both been ruled out for the Raiders. The Ravens, on both sides of the ball, are not playing well enough to be heavily favored and the Raiders can put points up on the scoreboard. The only thing going for the Ravens is that Joe Flacco has a 32-5 career record in home games.
Pick >> Oakland; Under


  • Atlanta (-2.5) @ New Orleans; O/U 53.5 – This game opened as a pick’em and the Falcons are still not getting the respect they have earned this year. Believe what you see. I see many passes being thrown in this game. That usually coincides with some points being scored.
Pick >> Atlanta; Over


  • Detroit (-2.5) @ Minnesota; O/U 46 – All-Day Adrian Peterson is a machine. Maybe he is part machine; what did doctors do during surgery to fix his mangled knee from the end of last season? We may never know. but I know the Lions are going to have their hands full Sunday.
Pick >> Minnesota; Under


  • New York [J] @ Seattle (-6); O/U 38.5 – The Jets still play football? I hadn’t noticed. This cross-country contest is going to the home team. Plus, I won’t go against Beast Mode. I still can’t understand why the Bills let him go. Just because you hit somebody with your car doesn’t mean you should get shipped outta town, right?
Pick >> Seattle; Over


  • Dallas (-1.5) @ Philadelphia; O/U 44.5 – Everyone needs to stop talking about the Eagles. They are not a playoff caliber team. Same with the Cowboys. This game is one the most least important talked about game in the history of least important talked about games.
Pick >> Philadelphia; Over


  • St. Louis @ San Francisco (-12); O/U 38.5 – The 49ers are just plodding along, gladly being somewhat forgotten and stomping teams out on their way to a 6-2 record. Then there’s the Rams. Something about Sam Bradford bothers me. Is his name Samuel or is it just Sam? Some things we may never know.
Pick >> St. Louis; Under


  • Houston @ Chicago (-1.5); O/U 40 – Here it is, the game of the week. How beautiful it is going to be when these two teams collide. Kristin Cavallari is going to be there!
Pick >> Houston; Over


Monday, November 12

  • Kansas City @ Pittsburgh (-12.5); O/U 42 – Can we please have some exciting Monday night games? Besides providing the play that led to the end of the NFL referee lockout, I’ve fallen asleep before most games reached the second half. Here’s another game that’ll make you want to hit the snooze button.
Pick >> Pittsburgh; Under



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